C. L. Getchius Photography

This is our new website.  It features photography and video, with an emphasis on landscape, nature, and street photography by Craig and April Getchius.  This site is still under construction. Our previous website getchiusphotos.com is no longer active.  We hope you enjoy browsing our new website and we are excited that soon all the maintenance on this website will be complete.

Thank you for visiting us and enjoy. - April and Craig Getchius


What's New

Timeline of website

4/2/2023 NEW April Slideshow: Clouds

3/23/2023 New blog post: FYI

3/18/2023 Missing links and bad links corrected

3/13/2023 Blog linked to website and new post: “A Photographer’s Rabbit Hole”

3/12/2023 New photos added to Nature and Landscape Gallery

3/11/2023 New Home page is created and goes online

3/10/2023 "Contact" page is updated

3/9/2023 "About" page is updated and completed

3/8/2023 New gallery "Into The Night" goes online

3/7/2023 Gallery pages goes online

3/6/2023 Website goes online

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